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Even Pets Need Pets
Oh Deer!
There are friends and fiends. There are pets and pests.

GoldiPuss' pet skunk. Click to enlarge.
Relationships are not so simple ... even for pusses.
They don't call skunks polecats for nuthin'. GoldiPuss figures any ole cat will do for a friend. So, he adopted this baby skunk, just like I adopted Doug. Now GoldiPuss has to feed his skunk. Just like Doug has to feed me. So guess what? Good old GoldiPuss makes Doug do it. Every night, it's whine, whine, whine until Doug or Morri fills the kibble bowl for el Skunko. Doug better not run out of food.

GoldiPuss' pet skunko. Click to enlarge.

The skunk has a family, so GoldiPuss goes hunting with them all at night and helps them dig up the lawn. God knows why! GoldiPuss doesn't even eat bugs. Yecchh! Now, after two years of being best buddies with el Skunko, I caught GoldiPuss nose to nose with a baby raccoon. So now we pets have more pets.

Kyber, the big dog. Click to enlarge.And then, of course, there is Kyber ... don't get me started about Kyber. Kyber is a dog. We hate dogs. Especially dogs the size of a moose.


Doug has been feeding Kyber. Big mistake! Now we will surely run out of kibble ... no kidding.

Look at the size of that head! Click to enlarge. Kyber wolfs down all our kibble, the big galoot! Click to enlarge.

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