GoldiPuss has a new friend, who I must say is a Royal pain in the puss-brain. Her name is Persephone. As if it wasn't baddd enough that we have Anglophones and Francophones ... now we have Persephones. Meow, meow, meow. All she does is play, play, play and jump me when I am sleeping, which is like, you know, most of the time.

Good old GoldiPuss belted the little Perse a few times to smarten her up and now she's adopted him.

Dumb ole GoldiPuss is such a sucker (like the fish -- don't forget to send GoldiPuss some fish).  He is such a sucker! Now he thinks he is her Paw. That's Paw, not paw. 

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Here she is with her mouse.

I say, Persephone, phone home!

So, just in case you like annoying little pusses ... and I sure hope you don't ... here is a picture of her playing ... on MY RUG of all places. Enough already. Maybe a big rat will eat her. Back to sleep for me. Enjoy the show.

Start the player to see Persephone, the Big Show-off Puss.

I had to write all this for Good ole GoldiPuss, who still can't write, but at least he can open the screen door and let me and the flies in.

Purrs to U, from the "Best Pusses in all the Land",
PUSSICLE Click Us! & GoldiPuss


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