Day at the Vet

Stuck in cage again. Click to enlargeWhoops, we're going to the Vet. How do we know? See the cage? We're in the car. GoldiPuss keeps burping. He gets car sick. Hope he doesn't throw up on me!
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Luc's office dog, on guard for pusses! Click to enlargeIt's time to visit Dr. Luc, We like Dr. Luc. He smells good. Luc has dogs. We don't like dogs.

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Damn, we're here already!

Oh, oh. I smell animals.

We can leave our cage, but GoldiPuss is too scared.

I think we'll just wait in here.

Get that dog out of the cat waiting room!!!

See what a scary place this is!

Dr. Luc treats ducks, but he's no quack.

Dumb ole GoldiPuss tries to escape!

Hold still GoldiPuss. This doesn't hurt.

How embarassing!

It's my turn. See GoldiPuss hiding in the cage?

Dr. Luc smells so yummy, he makes me purr.


No cavities! Dr. Luc says brush. I like brush!


Worms pills. Yechh!

We're home. Let us in. GoldiPuss needs a nap!

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